Arabic Calligraphy Artist Eduard

The Art Time get a chance to took interview of wonderful  Arabic Calligraphy Artist Edurad from Russia. He got real calligraphy skills in his own style, fine lines and curves with big brush and card are just awesome. I collected some of his work to showcase in our designer designs section.

Islamic art


When did you start designing

I was graduated as a philosopher. But it so happened that Allah, Subhanuhu wa Taalya, led me to what I do .. Generally, after graduation, I went first to the IT, but since I’ve always liked the design, gradually began to take orders for it. After a while I realized that the constant work is not for me and I feel much more comfortable to work on yourself as a freelancer. Inspiration – that’s what you get when you start to work for you ..

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Islamic Calligraphy

Your view about calligraphy

My main goal is to show the beauty of Islam. And where possible – to restore the old elements, bring them something new, whether it is equipment or materials. It’s always interesting when your experience is – the past + present. At these junctures, there are many beautiful things. And of course, above all, I care about the events taking place in the Muslim world, and the world at large. What is acute social issues. It too – good soil for new artworks. In short, I believe that when Allah, Subhanuhu wa Taalya, gives such an opportunity – to create new, beautiful, interests, it is primarily responsible. It is necessary to use and develop the good. Otherwise – what’s the point? 🙂


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Arabic word Ami

Skills (softwares)

Photoshop and Illustrator CS5


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Few lessons/tips you want to share

Make more handwriting works. Cause only in that way you can understand and most of all — feel the lines, their shadows, etc.


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How to Calligraphy

Your Favorite work

Hard to pick just one thing 😉 But what is interesting – those works that I like best, they are perceived by the public is not always as good as we would like. And those of you who do not attach any special meaning the opposite – a lot of interest. After talking with other artists, and indeed in general, creative people, I realized that this happens all the time. This is the feature of the process. :-




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Arabic Calligraphy


Arabic Artist


Arabic Art


Deen Arabic

Final Words/Message

Keep going! Only through the daily routine and hard work you will be able to find the treasure hidden inside of you.




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Final Words/Message

Islam, music, street culture, sufi poetry, life.


Your Favorite Websites

Behance, tumblr.






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