The Art of Arabic Calligraphic Designs

Just like the name enlightens, “calli” refers to beauty and “graphy” means writing. With a broad tip of pen, calligraphers bring words back to life scripting them in an extraordinary way. It’s the art of writing words in a gorgeous, expressive and classy technique.

From various types of Calligraphic designs, some of the elegant and sophisticated ones are:

  • Thuluth Style: Islamic calligraphy introduced by Persians in 11th century
  • Diwani Style: It has its roots from Ottoman Turks, a form of Arabic script.
  • Nastaliq Style: One of the main used design in Perso-Arabic script. Developed in Iran in 8th and 9th century.

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Arabic Calligraphic

L’art de l’instant” – Quiberon – 2007         
Calligraphy : Julien Breton – Kaalam. Photography : G.J. Plisson

Caligraphic Design

This piece of art is a logo for Liana and Imad, written in Kufi Morabba style and designed by Nihad Nadam.

Amazing Arabic Calligraphy

Beautifully written in Dewani Style, it’s an Islamic art Arabic calligraphy for an Islamic quote.

Calligraphic Design

Written in Maghribi script found in 13th century in North Africa. Courtesy of Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Horse Calligraphy

Magnificently drawn horse in calligraphic style

Amazing Arabic Calligraphy

The amazing Calligraphic Design by Julien Breton –Kaalam with the photography of G.J. Plisson


“Paradise is under swords shadow” – This quote beautifully written in Arabic Style calligraphy.


A sophisticated piece of art in Turkish Calligraphy.


Designed by Poésie” – Pol’n – Nantes – 2007 with calligraphy and photography of Julien Breton

Ahlaz Zikr Ayaaz Arabic Calligrpahy Tawajjah Arabic

By: Abdelghany Shoair

Al Hakk Arabic Calligraphy

Al Fath Arabic Calligraphy

By :Eduard Dimasov

Calligraphy on T-Shirt


Amazin TShirt desing

T-Shirt Arabic Calligraphy

T-Shirt Arabic Calligraphy -2

T-shirt Arabic Design

By: Muhammad ElMahdy


Calligraphy 2

By:Mohammed Al Zahrani

Card Calligraphy Design

CArd -3

CArd -2 Card -4

Card -1

By: Benissadesign

The grace and love these types of calligraphic designs have been done with, it shows the significance of art. Not only in ancient times. but also now such charming art makes our lives a lot more colorful. Which one of these do you like the most? Share your feedback through comments!


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