What is Typography and it’s Role in Design

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“Typography speaks louder than words”, how many of you believe on this statement? Alas, now many of you because there are so many high quality designers who don’t know the value and role of typography in design.  There are so many words use in our web designs and graphic design to portray our brand identity, our services and many other things relevant to our business. But the main thing is how you can express your business to millions of people all around the world. The only answer is, correct and eye-catchy Typography.

You wouldn’t write “rock and roll” with a cursive font; same way that you wouldn’t write “peace” in flashing boldfaced angular letters. If you really want to express your business or brand then you cannot neglect the importance of style of each character. Just look out some famous brands out there which have their own identity. Although these brands are just a piece of text or combination of some characters but they can be easily recognizable through their font or style formation like Google and Yahoo.


What is Typography

Typography is, quite simply the art and technique of arranging typeface.
Depending on the purpose, it can be used for optimum readability, impact, or an artistic statement. Quality design can make a big difference in communications, because it can affect the way the reader seas and feels about the topic beige discussed. At the most basic, typography is combination of font, size, spacing  and color. It can be applied to anything which has to do with text, including web design, print design, computer graphics, books..

In other simple words, you can say that typography is the process of creating a visual picture of your business by using words without any fancy fonts involved. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot use fancy or decorative fonts in your typography. The main purpose of typography is to create a message of your brand or services without using any image. Typography not only enhances the beauty of your web design or your graphic design but it can also easily grab the reader attention and guide them naturally, all with the use of only text.

By understanding the actual definition of typography, it can be grasped why not only font choice but size, placement, body text, white space and all other aspects related to the readable word are so important in the creation of a fluid, functional website.


What is Typeface

A Typeface is set of Characters that share common design features. Some typeface also include different font weight and styles


Regular Italic


Bold Italic


Brief History


By:Martine Strøm


Here are some basic rules that should not be broken when it comes to typography:

Read Your Given Text Carefully

There are many web and graphic designers who hardly read the full text provided by the clients. Many of them just simple copy and paste the content from a text file. But, if you want to create an attractive typography that grab your customers or website visitor’s attention then read the complete text carefully this will help you to generate an idea of how it can be integrated into the website.


Show a hierarchy

Every website should display a clear hierarchy of where a visitor should begin reading and where they should continue on from there. Typography is a great way of creating that hierarchy, as you can use font size and typeface to clearly define what parts of the content are more important, which design alone can fail to achieve.


Choose the color according your design

It is necessary to choose a perfect and matching color of your typography. Also, it can be easily readable and strike the eye of website visitor. This is because it can be very easy to lose the text in the background of the website, especially if similar colors are chosen. Choose those colors that are contracts with your background like black text on a white background or a light color in a dark background. So it can be easily readable and perfect match with your website.

Here are some essential things that can help you to create an eye catchy and attractive typography on your website or any graphic design. For more info about typography stay in touch with us.


Modern Examples and Inspirations

Typography website design freelance

By Iconicgraphics



Typography, Freelance, Website Design, PSD Templates, Website Templates

Typography, Freelance, Website Design, PSD Templates, Website Templates

By: Jessica Walsh, Sagmeister & Walsh


By: Elias Klingén

Typography, Freelance, Website Design, PSD Templates, Website Templates

Typography, Freelance, Website Design, PSD Templates, Website Templates

By: Antonio Rodrigues Jr


By: Kevin Devroo


Typography, Freelance, Website Design, PSD Templates, Website Templates

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