Windows 7 Visual Styles -2

I were used to big fan of Visual Styles for windows some years ago but all left out after switching to MAC. Still there are millions of windows 7 visual style users this collection is for them.

About Visual Style : A Windows visual style allows to define/change the general appearance of windows, menus and the taskbar as can be seen in screenshots. It turns normal windows interface into exciting user choice UI.

Static + Static Polished + Static Mango

WP 7 Visual Style

by ~snipes2



Static 2.0

Windows 7 Theme

by ~snipes2



Blend 2.0 for Windows 7

Download Visual Styles

by *zainadeel



dEEP 7 3.0

Windows Theme

by =Seahorsepip



Zune Collection for Win7

Zune Visual Style

by ~giannisgx89



Zetro VS 1.3

Windows Visual Style

by ~pisadeviant



WP7 Mango VS

Windows 7 Visual Style

By: oliver182



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