1-to-1 Projects A freelance Secret of 99Designs

Online Freelancing become more popular and beneficial now days. When someone says about freelance projects there are few good website comes in mind to hire/find work. Today I am going to discuss 99Designs’ 1-to-1 Projects. Many of freelancers and employers knew about 99Designs.com. But it would be useful to briefly introduce 99Designs before I come to the original topic.



About 99Designs

99designs is the world’s no.1 design contest website that offered unique service to Small/big business or individuals to get custom designs for website, logos, stationery, t-shirts, apps and more.
Massive community of designers from around the globe compete to win their contest and offered money, and to get new leads of new projects and clients.


What is 1-to-1 Projects

A simple and secure platform to work with any employer on their project. But currently is not known by many people and it depends on the invitation from the employer/business owners.
We have good experience working through 1-to-1 Projects as being designers team of Iconic Graphics. We won only two contests in one month but got good lead projects out of those contests which kept us busy for another three months.
Winning a design contest is not the end of that particular project but it the start of new era of projects.


Benefits for Designers:

  • No need to run behind of new work, if you are good, work gonna come at your screens.
  • No more bidding stuff which eat a lot of time.
  • Securely held upfront payment in 99designs.
  • Deliver final files in system monitored and more secure manner.
  • In-case client do not showed up and you delivered files, no worries! you will receive your payment right after 30 days automatically.
  • Helpful to build short to long-term trusted relationship with client.


Benefits for Clients:

  • Work is in the hand of your trusted designer.
  • You can see all work progress and send feedback accordingly.
  • Get the work done the way you want.
  • Payment is in your control.
  • In-case work is not done, refund can be made on request to 99designs.
  • All project progress is monitored.
  • Designer will show full confidence on you and focused on work as payment securely deposited in 99Designs.
  • Helpful to get trusted designer with you to achieve your goals you want.


How to start 1-to-1 Project?

  1. Once contest ended, and designer impressed the contest holder with his/her work or simply won the contest then designer have a great chance to get involved with client in more work(short or long term).
  2. Any employer likes you profile or work, he/she can simply invite you to work directly.
  3. Freelancer can also invite someone to 1-to-1 project if client is interested to work with him.



I have found that 1-to-1 Projects is great service compare to other sites. Though this system needs some improvements and more features to give more useability for both freelancers and clients. Overall it is secure service for freelancer to invite clients to work on their projects and get paid safely without taking risk of loosing money.



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